From The bride!

"Mithun and I have known each other since the Summer of 2014. We met at our MBA class and became a part of the same gang. Two months later, I had a change of heart and transferred my credits to AUD to pursue my MBA. Mithun, on the other hand, decided against doing an MBA. We never sat in the same class again, but destiny had played its part.”

“So my parents were keen on Udaipur and we didn’t have any other preferences. The only thing I wanted was a lakeside venue and Hotel Lakend was just perfect. Also, we wanted to host all the functions in one place – Lakend had enough space for our 140 guests.”


The Events “We had four functions and we decided to dedicate each of them to a city in India. The Mehendi was Udaipur – so we got a ‘mela’ or carnival set up. The Mata Ki Chowki was themed around Durga Pooja in Calcutta, while the Anand Karaj was made to give the feel of Amritsar and finally, the rehearsal dinner was designed as green as possible just like Kerala, where Mithun is from.”

Sapna x Mithun

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